Spinnin – [Lil Eazzyy] ft. [Tay Keith]

If you’re even remotely familiar with the rap scene here in Chicago, Lil Eazzyy shouldn’t be a new name to you. After his breakout hit “Onna Come Up” went viral and his project Underrated came out last year and proved his dominance in the Chicago music scene, all eyes were on him to continue to prove himself within this cutthroat industry. Of course, this was no big deal for Eazzyy, who constantly proved that he was made for this after his debut mixtape Rookie of the Year came out earlier this year, giving us even more amazing music to ingest and appreciate.

Although this project is still grossly underrated, in my opinion, Eazzyy decided to team up once again with Tay Keith to bring their song “Spinnin” to life, with a little help from director SuzyMadeIt. Before diving right in, I just have to say that I loved the mixture of cinematic, interesting shots mixed with the more traditional, common scenes that you might find in other rap videos because it just gives it much more diversity than we’re used to seeing. The cinematic moments come in spurts, sometimes in a bathroom while other times in other parts of one’s home, but they’re all well-lit and vibrant enough to completely captivate every last ounce of your attention.

Besides this, though, there is pretty much a reoccurring storyline of these two lovely ladies who are going around and taking what’s theirs no matter what it takes. Carrying around weapons and sneaking into homes, they use their stealthy skills to their advantage to catch their opposition off guard and take control of every encounter they have. Even at one point, one woman points the gun at the other who actually accepts this threat, putting the gun in her mouth without any sort of hesitancy, proving that these are two ruthless ladies you don’t want to mess with.

While Eazzyy is the star of this music video, as he is in all of his releases, the two women he recruited to join him definitely elevate the assertive message spoken of within this track, and I think it all came together perfectly. Eazzyy has obviously blown up over the last year or so, but I think that unless you’re either heavily tapped into the music scene or from Chicago, you might not be familiar with him. With that being said, you need to wake up immediately in order to not miss out on all of the amazing music that Eazzyy is putting out for the world, so start with his awesome new music video for his song “Spinnin” and then go down a Lil Eazzyy rabbit hole from there.