Spill My Cup – [TyFontaine] ft. [Autumn]

I’m not entirely sure what happened over the past couple of months, but I was saddened to hear that TyFontaine announced he is no longer a part of Internet Money. While it isn’t my place to speak on the situation, it’s clear that the relationships he built with IM haven’t dwindled even slightly after showing texts between him and the legendary Taz Taylor discussing the fact that they mutually want to continue their working careers together, so you can breathe easy and know that more hits are on the way.

Nonetheless, I know that Ty was making hits before he was with IM, while he was with them, and apparently still after his departure which is a relief, and if you somehow don’t believe me, just tune into his latest release entitled “Spill My Cup”. Produced by Supah Mario, Akachi, and ProdKyle, the instrumental opens with some momentum-carrying synths that tiptoe along your eardrums before rattling hats and booming drums come crashing into the picture for an upbeat, fast-paced record that shows Ty at the top of his game.

As he spits, there is this grit and determination behind his delivery that allows him to deliver his words with such power and conviction that he’s going to capture anyone’s attention in any situation. While his cadence portrays his assault on the beat, there are moments where he slightly switches up and swings his voice up for a slightly melodic finish to certain lines which is a nice change of pace.

When it comes to the hook, he pretty much just repeats the song’s name over and over but does so in the most enthusiastic manner ever on this track, prompting you to bob your head and sing right along with him. When it comes to the song’s feature Autumn, I wasn’t familiar with his work, but I was pleasantly surprised. His voice is slightly deeper than Ty’s so it provides a bit of differentiation, but what really caught my ear was the fact that some of his flows were out of this world as he rattled off words in certain ways that I’ve never heard before and I can’t let go unappreciated.

While it’s clear that TyFontaine isn’t even close to hanging up the Mic or going in a different direction, I couldn’t be more excited for the future. He has been one of my go-to artists to listen to for probably over a year, at this point, and it seems like he is simply just honing in on his craft the more he hits the studio. While I feel like it’s going to be hard to top a project like 1800 which is my personal favorite, I’m undoubtedly looking forward to Friday because that’s when his next project Ascension drops. While we wait, get hyped up for the impending tape by making sure to listen to “Spill My Cup” by TyFontaine featuring Autumn.