Spicy – [Nas] ft. [Fivio Foreign] & [A$AP Ferg]

There are certain names in the Rap scene that have reached legendary status and they’re cited as influences for almost any artist you can name. Nas is one of these emcees, and although it’s not a shock to anyone that I’m saying this, he is one of the greats. Even after the new age of Rappers came through and changed the scenery, Nas remains one of the best to ever make music, and instead of hating on the new generation of music, he rather likes to include them in his career while also getting them out of their comfort zones and pushing their limits to the edge.

His collaborative album with the legendary hitmaker Hit-Boy King’s Disease was a success, including some of the biggest names in music such as Charlie Wilson, Big Sean, Lil Durk, Don Toliver, Anderson .Paak, and more, and seeing him come together with artists like this shows off his dexterity just as much as them, if not more. Luckily, just a few days ago we received a visual for the project’s closing song “Spicy” featuring Fivio Foreign and A$AP Ferg, and the results are as good as the song itself.

As for this track, Hit-Boy includes some repetitive, tiptoeing strings or synths of some sort coupled with spread out, rhythmic percussion and hard-hitting, succinct drums. Nas doesn’t seem to be phased by this simplistic percussion in the slightest, as he shouldn’t. Instead, he delivers consistent one-liners that are spread apart and unhurried, showing off not only his veteran skills but also his attitude and ruthlessness. When Fivio comes in for the second verse, there is a hint of autotune on his vocals as he delivers spaced out lines prior to getting slightly more consistent with his flows.

It’s always interesting hearing him on a beat that doesn’t have the NYC Drill-inspired rhythm, so although this might be an uncharacteristic instrumental for him to hop on, he takes it in stride and absolutely kills his verse, showing off his hard-nosed assertiveness and exciting bars. When we hear Ferg’s trademark howl, you know he’s about to go in on the beat and go crazy. He begins his verse with some calmed lines that create a base for him to eventually go crazy. As the percussion comes back into the picture, he does just that as he quickens his bars and changes his rhyme schemes, complementing the other two artists on the track incredibly.

Considering this is a New York affair, it’s only right that the music video takes the trio to the streets, to begin with. Here, they shut down an entire city block because of the hoard of people standing outside of a bodega as the police block off streets and crowds flock to the scene. As Nas comes in for his verse, he’s shown in the passenger seat of a car that is speeding through the streets. The outside of the car appears to be going into hyperdrive as the wheels leave behind flames in the tire tracks.

Eventually, the scene switches up to the inside of a medieval-looking manor where Nas wears his diamond-studded chains and red leather garments, Fivio shows off his Burberry outfit, and Ferg boasts his bright-blue hair and fashionable outfit as well. When Fivio comes in, he can be seen in the aforementioned settings as well, but there is one shot where it’s him alone in a blank room as the color changes to black and white. This scene is interesting because the top half of his hear looks like a candle, burning bright before his verse comes to an end and the flame rapidly disappears. A similar setting is utilized for Ferg’s part, although instead of a burning candle, his face is warped, looking like he has multiple mouths, eyes, and noses spread out all around his head. Although this isn’t a pleasant sight to see, per se, it’s definitely interesting, to say the least.

It goes without saying that a special talent like Nas is never going to lose his skills, but his album with Hit-Boy just drives this point home incredibly. Although I want to go back and relisten a few more times to truly squeeze all of the artistry out of the 13-song project, I thoroughly enjoyed it the first time through, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who considers themselves a Rap fan. As for this song, it’s one of my favorites on the project without a doubt, and each artist brings something new and magnificent to the table, so it’s clearly a track that I added to my playlist after the first listen. The visual was well shot, intriguing, and included some wonderful elements that elevated the record seamlessly, so I couldn’t be any more excited for the outcome. Make sure to check out King’s Disease if you haven’t already, and when you’re done listening, the music video for “Spicy” is a mandatory watch, so make sure you peep that as well.