Spending Spree – [Babyface Ray] ft. [Veeze]

Babyface Ray is someone who I honestly didn’t listen to extremely often when I first got into the Detroit rap scene, but that has completely changed over the last year or so. When I initially tapped in with the scene up in Michigan, I was immediately encapsulated by the insane sounds that were being brought to life, and although I now realize that Ray is one of the greatest to ever do it in Detroit, I was completely sleeping on him in the beginning.

Well, after the success that his album FACE had on all fronts from a critic and a fan perspective, I knew that he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but that has pretty much been a given for years now. Then, when I saw that he dropped a deluxe version of the already insanely compelling album that featured artists like Veeze, Lil Yachty, Lucki, and more, I was even more excited than ever about the project. His song “Back N Action” has been in constant rotation from the moment I first listened to it, but the song that I didn’t realize was so fantastic until recently was “Spending Spree” featuring Veeze.

Due to this, you can only imagine the thrill I had when I found out that these two hitmakers dropped a Lestyn Park-directed music video that was even better than I ever anticipated before going into it. This one takes the ordinary and makes it completely extraordinary, as edits take fairly simple settings and turn them into almost comic book-looking scenes. The shots are frantic, the camera work is intentionally frenzied, and the animations that are utilized are unlike anything I have seen prior to viewing this visual.

I can almost compare them to the edits Lonewolf uses, but there are some differences that I can’t quite describe considering I am not familiar with any sort of editing software or techniques. Even though my words fail to do this video justice, it is seriously something you need to tap in with even if you haven’t heard “Spending Spree” prior, because it’s just that great of a music video.