Spend It – [Babyface Ray] ft. [Blxst] & [Nija]

People who grew up in rough areas of the country typically let their upbringing influence the type of music they make, and that’s completely understandable. I mean, you can’t expect them to talk about things that they’re not familiar with or haven’t been through because then it just wouldn’t be honest or genuine, so the fact that these emcees have lived through pain, violence, and hardships make their story that much more captivating, and it often leads to much more authentically impressive music.

Babyface Ray has been through a lot and seen even more, so while his music often reflects these moments and experiences throughout his life, the career he has built through music has allowed him to witness another way of living, and that’s something he never shies away from while flexing on people with his designer goods and flashy jewelry.

His latest release “Spend It” takes a bit of a pivot to this approach, though, because in the James Rico-directed music video, he decides to shower his love interest with wealth and appreciation rather than brag about his own riches. Accompanied by Nija who delivers an amazing hook and Blxst whose second verse is certainly one of my favorite parts, the video itself opens with Ray leading the blindfolded woman up to a home that he decorated with hearts and other ornaments to surprise her on this particular day.

Taking her through the remarkable estate, even more surprises are in store like a rack of clothes that she can peruse through and pick an outfit (that Ray approves of, of course), a photo shoot in the backyard, and to round things out, a ring that’s presented to her at the end of the visual. While this might stray away from other songs that Ray has brought to life in the past, it’s a nice change of pace as we prepare for another album that he announced is on the way, so make sure you tap in with “Spend It” ahead of what is sure to be another unbelievable effort from the Detroit hitmaker.