Speeding Fast – [Lil PJ] feat. [CEO Trayle]

Lil PJ’s collaboration with CEO Trayle is a significant link-up between some of the most compelling next-to-blow talent in the city of Atlanta. Both equipped with the support of Young Thug’s YSL Records and their roster, Trayle and PJ have both positioned themselves as logical successors into the mainstream behind the large number of industry artists that already support them while they climb to the top of the underground ranks. Trayle’s rise has been compelling, stemming largely from the viral hit “OK, Cool” that has since taken over both TikTok and Instagram but for almost a year before was a hit in the streets of Atlanta that appreciates the artist who claims that “to Camp Creek he’s like Jay Z,” which is a claim that honestly was fair at this song’s peak, or at least peak thus far. Trayle’s uncanny and entertaining storytelling mixed with PJ’s catchy lines and rangy delivery makes for a fantastic collaboration between some of Atlanta’s most dynamic upcoming talent. Keep an eye out for Lil Pj’s upcoming project that features much of Atlanta’s foremost talent alongside an artist who is certainly staking his claim for youngest in charge.