Speed Off – [Envy Ojay]

I know I’ve mentioned so many different stories with regards to many of the various artists I’ve covered, but some of their upbringings are just too captivating to let go unnoticed. As for New Jersey’s very own Envy Ojay, he has been making major waves in the underground with some insanely good music, but his backstory is just too unique to not mention. Growing up, his mom humorously decided to try and learn a new language by actually listening to audiobooks and lessons overnight in an attempt to ingrain that new language into her mind while sleeping.

Well, whether this worked or not, Envy decided to take a page out of his mother’s book and expand upon his musical aspirations by putting his air pods on full blast at night while listening to some of his idols like Juice WRLD, Future, and others so that he would hopefully absorb some of their song structures, melodies, and creativity into his own mind. While this was always a risk, a few months had passed before noises began to dwindle before going completely silent, and that’s when he knew there was a problem. Soon enough, Envy found out that a piece of his eardrum had actually burst, and he basically only has about 20% of his hearing left.

What’s the most impressive thing in this story is the fact that he didn’t let this top him even when it would’ve torn others in a similar situation down, and he has continued to chase his dreams. I’m so glad he did, because after familiarizing myself with him on his latest release “Speed Off”, it’s clear that he has more than enough talent to share with the world. On this track that comes with a Tosh-directed music video as well, Envy is able to show off his individuality with some energetically autotuned bars that sound as intergalactic as they do intriguing.

His flows definitely get diverse as the track continues, but the main driver in the song itself is Envy’s personality, because he isn’t trying to be someone he’s not, and even though there are clear influences in the overall vibe of the record, no one can take away from Envy’s demeanor or skill set. After receiving some major co-signs and getting more and more coverage from various publications, it’s only a matter of time before Envy Ojay’s music and story are heard by the entire world, and that’s truly something I can’t wait to see unfold sooner rather than later.