Spaceboi Kenny shows love to Chicago in his newest Master Piece ‘Front Cover Fascist’

Spaceboi Kenny teleporting from Palmdale, California, delivered his new single “Front Cover Facist”. The song delves into the theme of heartbreak while juxtaposing it with a burst of color and happiness, leaving viewers captivated and introspective. “Im a skater/ loner from California, I’m that kid with headphones in all day and doing mischievous sh*t on the low. All my friends are from different cultures but they’re like punks, so that shaped the music I make”, says Spaceboi.

Unlike your typical music videos, “Front Cover Facist” transcends the boundaries of typical music videos, by showcasing the themes of heartbreak and healing through contrasting elements of darkness and vivid fun times. As the video progresses, we see Spaceboi shed the weight of the past relationship and embrace a newfound sense of independence and self-love.

By emphasizing the importance of self-care and self-improvement, Spaceboi Kenny reminds us that heartbreak can be a catalyst for positive change and personal transformation.