Space Cadet – [Kevin Holliday]

As an artist, longevity is achieved when there’s more than “just the music.” Looking at examples such as Tyler, The Creator or even Yung Lean, there needs to be some sort of world or character for the music to revolve around, and furthermore, there needs to be a moment or a feeling that runs far deeper than a few songs. This very concept plays a major role in what has drawn me toward the rising talent thus far. Maybe it’s the space helmets or maybe it’s the general aesthetic of his releases, but with Holliday, there’s something larger at play, just as we see in his new project, Space Cadet.

8 tracks and 22 minutes in length, Space Cadet is a culmination of sounds, styles, and thoughts from a striking young man, bursting with energy and infatuated with the powers of his guitar and supporting band. It’s open and honest, ambitious and vulnerable, booming with a sense of widespread relatability that turns Holliday’s otherworldly character from a “space cadet” to a familiar face, all without losing the power of such imagery. In addition, the project benefits from its musical curiosity, stepping over boundaries with heartfelt guitar riffs and pure, polished-but-unpolished energy that you can’t pass off as anything other than genuine. In other words, it’s Kevin Holliday in his truest state, skipping from the heart-bending “Grassblade Love” to the lively closing of “Same Song” without missing a beat.

That said, Holliday’s latest pushes listeners further into a world of his creation, and by all counts, he entirely sticks the landing. Check this one out below and let us know what you think in the comments!