Southside – [Chris Buxton] ft. [Lilpopout]

A familiar face returns to our pages today with the release of his new single titled “Southside”. This time around, Chris called on fellow artist Lilpopout to complete this incredibly catchy offering. Over the extremely relaxed instrumental, the two fabricate an exceptional atmosphere with their lyrics and vibrant vocals. When asked to describe what was running through his head when he created this track, Buxton stated that “this is an urban take on a suburban love story about growing with a girl from the roots of your career to when you blossom into all of your success. It’s about loving where you’re from and the people that you came with”. As Chris continues to please listeners around the world, you can definitely expect more noteworthy records from him in the near future. Follow Chris on Twitter and be sure to give “Southside” a listen below!