Sour Cherry-[Dallas]

One of the best songs that you’ll hear in this first full week of the new year is brought to us by an artist who goes by the name of Dallas. I stumbled on the 22-year-old’s stellar music this past weekend and my excitement to get her on our pages has reached an all time high. When I listen to music for the first time, I can usually tell if I’m going to like a song within the first 5 seconds; and today, I’m hype to announce that the record has been shattered. Dallas’s newest song called “Sour Cherry” was an immediate favorite of mine after checking out the first 3 seconds of it. From the moment you press play, you will instantly notice the dark ambience that’s created by the dynamic and intentional production. 

I was able to get some insight from the Toronto native, and she explained to me that she first began writing songs at the age of 6 which was nothing more than a hobby. After not really wanting to take music seriously, Dallas began doing musicals in High School which re-sparked her interest. From then on, she lived/studied musical theatre in NYC before heading back to Toronto to really find her sound. Fast-forward to today and Dallas has an extensive catalog of songs that get better with each listen. 

“Sour Cherry” is the one you need to check out ASAP. From Dallas’s vocal talents to her stellar songwriting skills, there is no way you’ll not like it. In regards to the song, Dallas took the time to shed some light on the song and its inspiration:

“Something I’ve struggled with for many years is being able to trust people, especially when opening my life up for someone to really get to know me & see inside. It can be a very daunting and vulnerable position to be in. Sour Cherry is all about that power struggle – wanting to show this person you care (but don’t at the same time)  and you’re vibing with them, but struggling to do so cause the trust just isn’t quite there yet. I’m obsessed with how my producer @createdbyatom was able to really take that storyline and blend it so effortlessly with the production, building that very tense and almost eerie/mysterious sound.”

On top of this being an amazing song, Dallas also dropped a music video to go along with it. If you thought she sounded great, make sure you check out the visual offering in order to get the full experience of Dallas’s star power. From top to bottom, I thoroughly enjoyed this offering and I can’t wait for y’all to listen. With some fun plans heading in to 2021, I’m expecting this year to be a big one for the Toronto native. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below as well as the youtube link, so give this one a  listen and take time to watch the video! Enjoy!