Chattanooga rapper, songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist Swayyvo continues to prove to the one of the most widely-talented and versatile artists in Tennessee and has been consistent with his musical output and the development of his sound for several years now. His skills as a rapper, singer, saxophonist, and producer shine through yet again on his latest project SOUNDS IN MY OWN WORDS which features a variety of fellow Chattanooga-homegrown talent in a city that has been a stronghold in underground music for the better part of the last decade, but even with the other prowess around him, Swayyvo has continually proven to be indispensable for the bevy of sounds he can cultivate. I really enjoyed his instrumental interlude with Toronto producer Junia-T who has many memorable collaborations with Chattanooga artists at this point. Swayyvo brings the project to a close with the melancholic track “BACK TO ME” that shows off his harmonic and velvety saxophone playing that truly reinforces his multi-faceted talents.