Soulja Slim – [Rot Ken]

Ever since I first found out about Rot Ken a few months back, I have been religiously tuning into his music every time he releases something new, and I have yet to be disappointed even slightly. He has a twang to his voice that reminds me of Lil Baby, but he is much more melodic and versatile, in my opinion, creating songs that can either get you in your feels or make you want to go on a rampage with your gang. While I think he’s the breath of fresh air that the Florida rap scene needed, he is grossly underrated based on the records I’ve heard, but considering he’s just 17 years old, at this point, he has the opportunity to expand and hone in on his craft so much more as he gets older and more experienced.

Ever since working with Internet Money, it seems like his skills have only gotten better, and his most recent song “Soulja Slim” is one of the best songs I heard all weekend, so I couldn’t wait to talk about it. Produced by Chris Made, things open up with a vocal sample and some touching piano chords prior to rattling percussion and deep, thumping drums entering the scene, taking this instrumental to new heights. As he begins to sing, he has a very specific cadence that is easy to ingest and appreciate, and the lyricism is meaningful yet simplistic, giving you a few early lines that you’re going to be singing along with after just a few listens.

Out of nowhere, he begins to go off the rails, elevating his enthusiasm as he spits some rapid-fire lines that seem to roll effortlessly off of his tongue, showing us another side of his talents that I can’t help but praise. These moments come in spurts before he slows back down and recomposes himself, showing us a few different sides of his craft that are equally impressive and appreciated by me, personally. Rot Ken is only getting better and better with time and experience, making “Soulja Slim” a song you’re not going to want to miss out on, so make sure you check it out alongside the Man Films-directed music video as well.