SOULFOOD-[DiZ] & [Frank Sativa]

The landscape of abstract and experimental hip-hop is decorated with some of the culture’s most celebrated writers – and from Mavi to Messiah!, from MIKE to Earl Sweatshirt, there never seems to be a shortage of sage wordsmiths ready to seamlessly flow over an unyielding beat that only they can tame. This week fans of the genre are blessed with a new track from two of the scene’s most talented upcoming acts, DiZ and Frank Sativa, in the form of the warped and nostalgia-filled bliss of “SOULFOOD”. Reflecting on their ascendancy into music’s spotlight, DiZ and Frank trade effortlessly hypnotic bars over a mix that is just as cleverly crafted as it is understated. Whether or not you find yourself to be a hip-hop skeptic or an already-initiated fan of the genre that spins “EAST” at every opportunity – “SOULFOOD” is sure to win you over and gain a coveted spot in your weekly rotation. With likely more light and sunny bangers primed for release before the end of the year, DiZ and Frank Sativa are two artists that need to be on your radar as spring turns to summer – and I’m hoping that “SOULFOOD” is a harbinger of more collabs to come.

Check out DiZ and Frank Sativa’s “SOULFOOD” below: