SOS – [cybertrash] ft. [reef]

I’m pretty proud of my music taste and like to think that I am someone who can put my friends, family, and industry cohorts on to some amazing new musicians, but I will never sit here and ever claim to be even close to the best. I mean, I like what I like, and while clearly I’m not the only person who enjoys the music I listen to because if I was, then no one else would probably care about these articles or check out to the music I write about.

For this reason, though, I know that actual musicians are typically the ones who are the most tapped in with up-and-coming acts because I know they want to help put others in the position to succeed knowing that they were once in the same exact spot. ericdoa is definitively one of my favorite artists out right now, and he has been for probably around 2 or more years, but if there is one person who really created a new sound that I was captivated by, it’s him.

He even puts me onto new emcees that he works with, and even though I don’t believe they have collaborated quite yet, when I saw eric quote tweet a snippet of a song from cybertrash, I knew that I couldn’t be too late to the party. I do feel like I have heard of cybertrash before, but my first actual taste of his music was his song “SOS” featuring reef, and I’m sure glad I didn’t miss out on this one.

Produced by 31sentinel and simon m, this one has such a catchy, electronic, and pulsating rhythm that I was instantly intrigued. When cyber came in, however, I was completely entrenched by his passionate and smooth vocals. He actually reminded me slightly of eric’s sound as well, and while I hate comparisons because everyone has their own skill set, I say this as a badge of honor and nothing less than that. In the second verse, reef impressed too with some quick, hastily spoken lines that seemed to couple with the production extraordinarily well, so while I might be a couple of weeks late to this record, I certainly can’t wait to continue listening as time goes on.