Sora 0.5 – [osmkapo]

Between writing about new vaporwave releases and the day-to-day of Jack Harlow, I’ve realized lately that I’ve been neglecting the talented burgeoning acts keeping music afloat the past two weeks. Luckily, today I have the pleasure of bringing a fresh face to LL readers: osmkapo, a young pluggnb mastermind unafraid to push the genre to its limits. ReAl HeAdS know him from his viral banger “1997 KiD” that dropped last year, but this week our king returns to us with Sora 0.5 – a well-polished collection of three infectious bops primed for your summertime rotation. Between booming 808s and saccharine lyrics, tracks like “Allowed” sound like if Pi’erre Bourne made the Kingdom Hearts theme song (in the best way possible of course). By comparison “Traitor” is much more foreboding with lurching bass signals providing the perfect foundation for osmkapo’s dulcet yet melodic rapping. Sora 0.5 ends with the string-laden “Middle Fingers”, and just like that, I am ravenous again for more music from the budding star. If you find yourself partial to genres like pluggnb and regalia then osmkapo is an artist that needs to be on your radar – and Sora 0.5 is a perfect testament to this. With more music likely slated for the near future, 2022 is sure to be osmkapo’s year.

Listen to osmkapo’s Sora 0.5 below: