Sophie EP – Arlo Parks

19-year-old London-based songwriter took flight this summer with the release of her ‘Super Sad Generation’ EP. The four-track project formally introduced the young talent’s penchant for laidback, mellow melodies that carry with them feelings of nostalgia. Now, Parks closes out the year with another collection of songs in the same vein, titled ‘Sophie’.

Parks picks up right where she left off with ‘Super Sad Generation’, continuing the same sonic motif while sounding more polished with each new track. Her combination of soothing lead vocals and sweet harmonic layers distinguish her from the pack, landing especially gracefully on the EP’s title track. As she plays with images of innocence in her lyrics and flips them in her own spoken-word style verses, she’s able to communicate this desire to slow down time when it’s at its most elusive. This sentiment vibrates through the entire EP, coming to a head on the closing track “Paperbacks”. As Parks takes one last moment of reflection, a listener gets immersed into her world, anticipating wherever the promising artist might take us next.