SONIT – [Malik Elijah]

There’s not a single soul in existence that knows about Malik Elijah and isn’t a fan. This might seem like a ridiculous assertion at first glance, but if you really think about it, I might be right – I mean, what’s not to love? Originally from Maryland, Malik Elijah has spent a lot of his come up in the Northeast – building a notable following throughout Massachuesetts and Maine simply off the strength of his great music and grass-roots touring strategy. After a very successful 2022 which was highlighted by the release of his 11-song album, “DETOUR”, in July, Malik wasted no time with putting together his follow-up project, “SMOKE SIGNAL”, which held us over until now. Having laid the foundation for yet another timeless hip-hop project to ensue, Malik has prepared us for his newest body of work that I’m excited to be highlighting on Lyrical today. 

Never has Malik let his listeners down and that sentiment remains true after taking a deep-dive into his new EP, “SONIT”, which he released earlier this month. Beginning with an ethereal intro which seems pretty consistent from a production standpoint throughout the whole project (with a few exceptions), Malik delivers a lyrical masterclass that seems to have one-upped even the high bars that he’s set previously. Taking us on a conscious journey that brings us closer to the genius of Malik’s mind, I find myself falling back on records like “SONIT”, “YAH”, “GREEN LIGHT – EXTENDED”, and “NUN” as the ones that I naturally gravitate towards the most. And while everyone has personal favorites, most importantly my appreciation for Malik’s artistry grew immensely throughout “SONIT” with “WWYD” and especially, “HYDROPONICS”, which has an up-tempo, funk vibe to it that really pushes the sonic boundaries of what we’ve heard from Malik in the past. Finishing it all off with, “SZN”, Malik put the perfect final touches on the project with yet another display of compelling storytelling and a memorable hook that should guarantee you listen through the body of work all the way through. 

If you haven’t already given “SONIT” the spins it deserves, be sure to check it out using the link below. Also, if you’re in the New York City, Philadelphia, or D.C. areas over the next few days, go get yourself a ticket to see Malik and fellow-Maryland native, Kinrose, live on their “The Rated PG” tour!