Songs that inspire me: Vol. 1

Where do I begin? It’s been a minute since I put pen to paper here at Lyrical Lemonade. And before you all go creating theories in your head as to why I haven’t been writing, I’m here to break the news first. Outside of my faith and family, music is the most important thing to me. It is a spiritual energy that cannot be quantified, yet every person can relate to the feeling they get when they hear a beautiful song. To form words about a piece of art like music, I’m a firm believer that you must be inspired by it through and through. If you aren’t writing about something you love, what’s the point of doing it?

I wish I had more of a reason as to why I haven’t thrown up content, but the truth is, I just haven’t been inspired. I’m at my best when I’m crafting articles that reflect my deep passion for a song and for the last month or so, that passion hasn’t been there. I’ve listened to a lot of good music, but none that has moved me to the point of writing something about it; and I refuse to give you all less than my best.

Today though, I’m as inspired as ever after hearing a song that has deeply moved me beyond words. If you haven’t heard of Emma Rena, then today is your day to get acquainted with this phenomenal talent who just released an utter masterpiece. I could say a lot of kind things about this song, but I’ll save the lip service and cut straight to the point. In my opinion, Emma Rena’s “Charlie Went Blind” is what music is supposed to sound like. This is music. This is beauty. This is intentionality.

From start to finish, there is an overwhelming sense of perfection that surrounds the track. Beginning with the production, talented producer Jacob But Happy completely spazzed as he’s created a sonic ambience that will never be replicated. Jacob is a young legend in the making and I’m more than excited to see his evolution.

When it comes to Emma, I’m just a fan of the way she operates. It is apparent that her voice is beautiful, but the way she crafts her melodies through her songwriting is something out of a movie. “Charlie Went Blind” grabs you from the moment it starts and I really can only give credit to Emma’s ability to bring her creative vision to life throughout the 2+ minutes of this song. I really could go on and on, but I won’t. This is a song that speaks for itself in all aspects…I’m not sure when I’ll be inspired enough to write again. It may be today, tomorrow, next week or next month, but all I know is that this song inspired me and you should listen now.