Songs on the Radio – [Fat Nick]

The underground hip-hop scene will always have a special place in my heart. After paying attention to these niche emcees for probably more than a decade at this point, I feel like I have a pretty solid understanding of what it takes to be considered a legend. While there are bonafide trailblazers all over the underground, I won’t try and list them all because the list simply wouldn’t end. Instead, I wanted to highlight Fat Nick’s most recent song entitled “Songs on the Radio”.

I had heard that there was a big shift in Nick’s sound that was coming in with a bang, but it wasn’t until I had the chance to really sit down and let this record reminisce with me that I realized just how much of a change he’s making. Yes, as soon as you hear the Gregdubzzz and Delmar-produced track, you can hear the pop-punk aesthetics that has been more popular than ever. At the same time, when I realized that this isn’t just a one-off experiment for the Florida emcee, but rather an entire change of pace for the foreseeable future, I was at a loss for words. Part of the reason is that Nick’s external vibe has always been in this punk-inspired lane, but it was also just so incredibly wild hearing him actually sing and express himself in such a vulnerable yet inspiring way.

Now, I can’t say that he’s the second coming of any iconic vocalist that you can think of, but I will say that he does actually hold his own. Maybe it’s because his backstory and the experiences he has endured have brought him to this point, so the authenticity of his messages are more valid than others? I’m honestly not entirely sure, but it’s exciting for me to hear someone that I’ve been a fan of for years and years push their limits and reinvent their sound in such a vastly different but intriguing way.

Nick has definitely been making a conscious effort to better himself, going sober, losing over 100 pounds, and signing to Rostrum Records, amongst many other impressive accomplishments, so I think that with so many other changes throughout his life, it’s not surprising to hear that he’s doing something similar with his art as well. Time will tell if this new side of Fat Nick will become the new norm or if he will continue to experiment and see what else he is capable of, but either way, it has been awesome to hear a new sound from the veteran spitter on “Songs on the Radio”, so I’m excited to hear what else he has in store!