Sometimes – [Badmonsham]

This afternoon, an artist that goes by Badmonsham is making his first appearance on our website with his brand new offering titled “Sometimes”. I found Badmonsham’s music while clicking through the “Fans Also Like” section of Spotify a few times through, and I saw that he had just released a track, and after listening to it once I just couldn’t wait to hit that replay button. Badmonsham is from Florida which has had an absolutely budding hip-hop community for the last few years, there’s seemingly a never-ending amount of talent coming from that state, and Badmonsham has the potential to be one of the next notable names out of there. Badmonsham is a pure rapper in every sense of the term, and you’ll see that through his wordplay on his verses, but he’s also a magnificent singer + he proves that on the hook. I am a new fan after hearing this record, and I believe that you will be too, click play below!