something to live for-[Kerri]&[apathy]

For the past couple of months, Canada has been my go to location to find music. Whether I’m on Spotify, Apple Music, or SoundCloud, a lot of the artists I end up enjoying hail from our friendly neighbors up north. Although many prominent artists have already proven that the country is a hot bed for music, it seems as if there are still a lot of up and comers who are hungry to continue pushing the envelope.

Today’s latest Canadian hitmaker is an artist who goes by the name of kerri. The talented individual hopped onto my radar after my discover weekly landed on one of his songs. From the moment I heard the sonic pleasure that was exuding from his music, I knew this was something special. I had a chance to catch up with kerri and he told me about his life and detailed the path he took to get to where he’s at right now in music. Growing up in the middle of nowhere, kerri spent a lot of his time listening to daft punk and kanye west among others. Fueled by curiosity and boredom, he began throwing things on SoundCloud at the age of 13 but really began taking it seriously at 16.

What we have now is a very well polished musician who knows exactly who he wants to be. Today, he is making it onto our pages for one of the most impressive tracks you’ll hear all week. The song, called, “something to live for” is a beautiful ballad by kerri and talented collaborator, apathy. It’s an unbelievable offering that creates an ambience that you won’t be able to shake until it’s over. I’ve spent the past weeks replaying this one and I know you all will too! I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give it a listen and let us know what you think!