Someday – [Unflirt]

Although rap might be our bread and butter here at Lyrical, our eyes remain peeled across a multitude of genres in hopes of discovering what’s going to take music fans by storm next. Great music deserves a platform and there’s no reason that we can’t accommodate for what we believe in most on the site, so today I’m making some room to share one of my favorite discoveries from the past few weeks, Unflirt. Luckily for our readers, there’s no better time than now to get hip to the world Unflirt’s been building over the last 12 months, as she prepares to take a significant jump with her artist project towards the end of 2023 and beyond. Primed to leave a lasting impression on just about anyone wise enough to stop and give her music the time of day, I’m elated to welcome the burgeoning London-based indie artist on to the page this afternoon for her Lyrical debut. 

After initially being introduced to Unflirt not long after the release of her single, “Stains”, back in August, I found myself completely enthralled with her music as I dug through her discography and was eventually greeted with her new single, “Someday”. Unveiled to the world just under two weeks ago, “Someday”, explores the process of departure while still holding out hope that one day that love will again rekindle itself. Through the lens of Unflirt, she shares this tale as a closing of a chapter and “goodbye, for now” moment, rather than the end of the entire book. A fittingly subdued mood within the song that features Unflirt’s graceful vocal delivery, a memorable hook melody inclusive of thoughtful lyrics, and a host of acoustic and electric guitar dispersed throughout, “Someday” manages to fully-engage listeners for the entire 4 and a half minutes while eluding a single dull moment. 

Certainly an artist that we’ll need to keep close tabs on here as she continues to make significant strides, it’s clear that Unflirt is on her way to a promising career ahead of her and “Someday” (along with its accompanying visual) is a prime indicator of that. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out “Someday” below!