Somebody – [ No1 | NOAH ]

No1 and his signature vocals are back with a brand new, wavy piece titled “Somebody.” No1 has been around the music industry for over half a decade, and has amassed an impressive following across platforms. His common themes of troubled relationships and inner demons cause for listeners to be consumed by the raw emotion of every track.

No1 has stuck to what he knows best, which is a modern-day R&B flow that is taking over the hip-hop music scene. However, No1 also has profound lyricism in his music, which only broadens his spectrum of listeners and allows his music to cross genre boundaries that are already so blurred in hip-hop today.

“Hey, its N-O, the one you always say is sentimental, talkin’ ’bout the women that played him, ‘talkin ’bout the bitches that slayed him.” You can’t help but get emotionally attached by the pureness and honesty of this track. This masterpiece released yesterday on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud, and the Soundcloud release has already gained 6,000 plays in that short time. “Somebody” will be a track to hold over the avid listeners of No1 until a project releases in the future.

Stream “Somebody” below!