some songs i made wif jelani – [Jazz Ingram] [Jelani Imani]

Local music scenes are the start of everything. Digging through a random pocket of the country is always a fascinating, boundless hunt to find great artists, and whenever you do stumble upon a sweet spot, it’s even more rewarding to hear what kinds of unique sounds can coexist within these communities. Atlanta is a perfect example; on one hand, you have ATL’s signature export, trap music, while on the other hand, you also have one of the country’s most exciting scenes of artful musicians in acts such as Jazz Ingram and Jelani Imani. Somehow and someway, the two polar opposites come from the same area, and the result is a diverse portfolio of talent, all of which is sure to impress in some way, shape, or form.

Presenting two of my favorite acts from the latter of Atlanta’s music circles, the aforementioned Jazz Ingram and Jelani Imani are here today with a brand new collection of demos entitled some songs i made wif jelani.

Packaging together just four songs, this brief release is a lively look into the beating heart of Atlanta’s DIY scene. Each of the two talents exudes energy, and when combining their left-of-center ears and eclectic styles, the final product is a raw example of honest art in its purest form. Needless to say, as weird and as lovable as some songs i made wif jelani is, the project brings me back to one main conclusion: you simply can’t help but root for artists like Jazz and Jelani.

Be sure to check out some songs i made wif jelani at the link below!