Chicago’s own SoloSam defines artistry with invigorating new track, “Numbers.”

Chicago favorite and masterful creative SoloSam just released “Numbers,” following his successful show last week at the Navy Pier.

SoloSam is a name many hip-hop listeners from across the country, and specifically, Chicago, may have heard before. Just check his stats, he’s been putting up numbers*. But when I tell you there’s a lot more to his work than just his music, believe me. It’s unique when you see the determination and drive that someone like Sam has, and it’s no wonder why he’s been doing “Numbers.” From being featured as a lead artist-interviewer for the Lyrical Lemonade socials at Summer Smash, to hosting his own cooking show, to performing last week at Navy Pier, Sam does it all, and does it all incredibly well.

“Numbers” is a full display of artistry, starting with the first thing you see. The cover art is a beautifully constructed plate of culinary art, in which Sam not only cooked himself but also designed and photographed, too. Insane. If that isn’t enough to catch your attention, the first piano melody you hear after clicking play is — you guessed it — also produced by Sam, along with the entirety of the beat. His rapping, lyricism, and vocals are the finishing touch, and provide a fulfilling track that any fan of the industry can appreciate.

“Check the board, man I been putting up numbers.”

SoloSam is already a force in the hip-hop community, but his artistry doesn’t stop there. Be sure to check out @SoloSam ‘s creativity in all facets of art, and most recently with his new track “Numbers,” on Spotify below!

*SoloSam’s spotify “monthly listeners” count sits just under 50K, with multiple songs over 1M streams and several more in the six digits.