SoloSam drops “HATERS” with incredible self-produced visual.

I’ve been listening to SoloSam since I met and worked with him this Summer at LL Summer Smash, and I can’t say enough about his creativity as an artist, entrepreneur, and content creator. Inspiring as it all has been, nothing quite resonated with me as much as his recent release “HATERS” did, when I found out he not only self-produced the beat and the track, but the visual as well. The song itself is exceptional, and you can feel the musical talent exude from each line, bouncing lyrics off each other and switching up flows flawlessly to match the energy of his self-made instrumental. If I’d learned anything from hearing his past music, it’s that Sam knows how to make a hook, and a catchy one. The whole track is phenomenal, but the hook on this one had me locked in.

Equally as impressive as the track is that Sam shot and edited the video himself, with some VFX help from stripmallproductions. It might not win an emmy, but the multiple different shot selections, effects, and black & white color scheme made it incredibly effective for the energy and mood of the track. The amount of time, effort, and energy Sam puts into his creativity is awesome and inspiring, and so many creatives should be taking notes.

My guy Sam is one of my favorites to keep tabs on in the great city of Chicago, and I can’t wait to see what other art this dude’s got up his sleeve. You gotta go peep this one, and make sure to check out his IG for all sorts of cool shit he does for a living; culinary, music, art, and cinema. Watch “HATERS” below!