Soleil – [Eric Ryan] feat. [Shqdel]

There are certain tracks that just touch your soul. And by that, I simply mean that these specific songs have the ability to connect with distinct emotions related to various parts of your life and make you feel as if you’re the one who wrote the piece. These are the songs that are worth holding onto. The ones that make us feel when we don’t feel like feeling; and the ones that make us love when we don’t feel like loving.

An artist who understands this complex connection is Eric Ryan. I stumbled on the 23 year old Canadian artist when his song “Soleil” popped up on my discover weekly Spotify playlist. Once I heard the song, I knew that it was imperative to get it up on our pages, but what’s even cooler to showcase is Eric’s life story and how he got involved in music. I was able to catch up with the up and comer on socials and he told me that he just started writing more seriously since July, then started officially putting out music in September of 2019. This is really unbelievable when you take into account how professional he sounds already.

His overall life story is really intriguing. Eric explained that:

I always loved music but never thought to pursue it growing up… I joined the army reserves (in Canada) out of high school and served 3 years & learned a ton about myself/what I wanted In life… knew it was something that had to be on my own + something creative. I then went to college for business, started some business ventures (bath bomb subscription box,social media marketing company)

It was fun and all; But all while I was pursuing these ventures, I was always thinking about what cover I’d try to learn next… which led to my realization that my passion was for music. By that point I had built some self confidence in myself/my singing, realized we only got one life so I figured fuck it, id rather go for it and enjoy the journey of being an artist rather than be 90 and filled with regret that I never tried…Which leads us to right now!”

Through the various twists and turns of Eric’s story, I’m so glad it brought him to the forefront of dropping fire tunes; Especially “Soleil”. This track is everything you’d want in an emotion filled ballad. The R&B artist has a knack for pouring himself into his work completely and that’s the exact final product you get when you experience this one. I’ve sent the some to multiple people and they’ve all agreed that this is one that’s going to make you feel every emotion. Eric’s vocals along with the background vocals of Shqdel will leave you speechless.

This song is amazing and I’m so happy I get to share it with you guys. I’ve attached the link down below to “Soleil”. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.