Sol Jay’s Project Trilogy Of “fell in lust in LA.”

In the heart of Los Angeles, rising sensation Sol Jay paints a vivid sonic portrait of his journey with “fell in lust in LA.” Released two years after his return to the City of Angels, this album is a raw, emotive chronicle of love, passion, and self-discovery. The Deluxe Version, unveiled on June 23rd, 2023, introduces an innovative sound that cements Sol Jay’s place as a revolutionary force in the music industry.

For Sol Jay, the album is more than a collection of songs; it’s a fluid expression of inspirations drawn from his experiences. “None of the songs were written first,” he shares. “I wanted the words to flow freely off my tongue as I expressed the inspirations throughout my experiences.” The result is an intimate narrative woven into the fabric of Los Angeles, nestled in the hills of Hollywood.

The artist’s commitment to providing a holistic experience for his fanbase, affectionately known as his “Soljas,” is evident in visually stunning music videos like “High Maintenance,” “Last Night Was Crazy,” and “Take Me Back.” These visuals complement the album, immersing the audience in Sol Jay’s world. As a delightful surprise for the Soljas, a new EP featuring remixes of the album’s standout tracks has just been released. The Deluxe Version of “fell in lust in LA” offers not just music but an exhilarating journey into Sol Jay’s evolving artistry.