Softly – [Kyle Lux]

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with discovering new artists. I get spammed on the daily with music from artists I just simply can’t get into for one reason or another, and this makes the ongoing journey of weeding out the talents that truly deserve the recognition so tough, in my opinion. Despite this, I respect many opinions and styles of music, so when I get put onto an artist who truly has star potential, I go on an absolute tirade telling anyone and everyone I know about them. That’s why, when I was put onto Kyle Lux just the other day through one of the people who always knows just what to send me, I dropped whatever I was doing and tuned in.

The South Carolina-born singer now lives out in Los Angeles, and I believe that this move has helped expose him to new walks of life that not only get his music heard by new audiences, but it also contributes to the real-life experiences he talks about within his music. The Pop singer is gearing up to release his sophomore EP Projectors, and the accompanying press release describes this project as a celebration of independence. “Softly”, a single from the upcoming EP, drives this point home through his untroubled, carefree demeanor and liberated disposition.

The groundwork of the production is set through deep, ambient, joyously subdued synths that are complemented flawlessly by a succinct, pungent drumline that adds so much life and bounce to this track. You can feel the Pop elements, of course, but it has this retro vibe that includes hints of the contemporary R&B and Neo-soul acts that he has drawn inspiration from. As he first comes in to sing, his delivery is calm and composed as he almost whispers, still letting the instrumental shine through while also readying listeners for some sort of big break that is clearly still to come.

His flow remains the same for the first few lines as he lets his words trail off into the distance before allowing the beat to carry us into the next stanza. This doesn’t last long, though, and soon enough his call and response delivery begins to allude to that eventual break-free moment that we knew was coming and we were waiting for. With every word, his charisma and enthusiasm heighten, queuing listeners in on the not so subtle secret that he is about to unleash something truly special.

When he does finally reach his breaking point, he reveals some of the purest, most blithe notes you’ll hear all day, and after just a few listens, you’ll be belting out the words right along with him as soon as you memorize the lyrics. After this powerfully fun-loving hook, he retreats back to his more collected delivery, gifting us another buildup that might be even more appreciated than the first because we know what’s to come, making the anticipation build even more than ever before. Kyle just seems right at home on this song, never having to adjust to the tempo or catch up on lost time but rather remaining consistently great and unphased by anything that might have affected him prior to recording this track.

After a second hook, the beat completely simplifies as claps keep the rhythm going. During this breakdown, Kyle takes a moment to offer up some simplistic background vocals while also riffing with some of the most artistically masterful notes in the entire industry, proving that he’s a star in the making. Finally, the instrumental comes back in one last time for a strong finishing chorus, and we’re led out of the record feeling nothing but happy energy and good vibes.

I often don’t have too much to say about new artists other than pointing out specific elements of their songs and the differentiating qualities within their voices. As for Kyle, I’m at a loss for words, not because I don’t have anything good to say, but actually quite the opposite. I’m not sure any of my words can truly do his talents justice, and I would hate to wrongly describe his aptitudes because they truly are so out of this world, I’m not even sure where to begin. He just has this indescribable talent that so many artists, even people in the mainstream, don’t seem to possess, and I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that he’ll be one of the biggest names in music sooner rather than later. His voice is confident and pure, his emotions and passion are at the forefront of every single note he sings, and he is able to mix so many appealing genres together without causing them to impede on one another. While I’m not sure exactly when we can expect Projectors, I can tell you that it boasts four incredibly powerful songs that are sure to boost Kyle to the next level, and I absolutely can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us. As for now, familiarize yourself with the rising superstar Kyle Lux and his brand-new single entitled “Softly”, because I can almost guarantee it’ll be the best song you hear all day.