Social Media – [1TakeJay] ft. [BlueBucksClan]

The West Coast is a region that is full of undeniably charismatic characters, whether it’s someone who is pretty chill, full of swagger, and to themselves or loud, energetic, and animated. These personalities are the main reasons why it became one of my all-time favorite areas to look for new music, and although it has been quite some time since I last tapped in with 1TakeJay, he was one of the most bubbly and unignorable people that I have ever come across in the music scene.

He is just an unrelenting good time, whether it’s his energetic personality or his out-of-the-box lyricism that continues to grow as he gets more experienced and puts out more music. Jay is simply someone that I can never just let fall by the wayside when checking out new releases because he is always up to something fresh and intriguing, so when I saw that he teamed up with BlueBucksClan for the RoMo-produced song “Social Media”, I didn’t want to miss out.

The beat is bouncy and animated, Jay’s individuality is undeniably addicting, and both members of BlueBucksClan add their own additional spin on things with some unforgettable bars of their own, so it has hit written all over it. The Supo Supreme-shot music video keeps the party going as three lovely ladies spot Jay on the street and freak out at the sighting of one of their favorite emcees. From here, we are taken deep into the world wide web as green screen-edited scenes show Jay on all different social media platforms like Facebook, Myspace, Instagram, and more.

Whether he is impersonating the infamous Tom from Myspace, playing the role of Supa Hot Fire from the treasured viral video, or running around the depths of the internet, there isn’t a dull moment, and the same goes for Jeeezy and DJ of BlueBucksClan. This song is just such a fun listen, and the music video makes it even better, so make sure to tap in with 1TakeJay’s latest banger as soon as you can!