sober – [smrtdeath] ft. [lil aaron] [lil lotus] & [boyfriendz]

At this point in my career, I feel as if I have seen so much and witnessed so many different things that I just don’t get as excited for certain releases quite as I used to. That’s not to say I have lost any love for this industry whatsoever, but I just don’t find myself as impressed or captivated by certain things quite as much as I previously did. I think it just takes specific artists or other things to bring back that excitement, and when it does come back, it is the greatest feeling in the world.

I only say this because it’s artists like smrtdeath who definitely get my hopes up whenever he teases something new because he never lets me down even slightly, and neither do the rest of the boyfriendz, or lil aaron and lil lotus if you’re unfamiliar with the talent-filled group. Their song “sober” has been in my rotation pretty much daily since it dropped last year, and even though I am not even close to getting sick of it, I was thrilled to find out that they teamed up with Cassidy Hill and Avery Stedman to shoot a fantastic new music video for the instant classic.

First off, this is immediately one of my favorite videos of the last few years, but that doesn’t surprise me even a bit. It begins with the trio hopping out of a van one afternoon after a bender which caused them to contemplate getting sober for about a half of a second before deciding that was a bad idea. We are then transported 40 years into the future as all three artists show themselves as old men who are still up to the same antics as they drink and do all the same drugs that they have been doing for years.

The party never ends for them as they take baths, play tennis, and wheel around in wheelchairs, most of which are activities they partake in naked. Later on, they actually sing at their own funerals, ending things in an entertaining yet interesting way as we are shown their gravestones that feature some comical messages as well. Although I’m not surprised, smrtdeath and the rest of the boyfriendz group have yet another banger on their hands with the video for “sober” making it something you definitely want to watch as soon as possible.