SO WHAT – [Dro Kenji] ft. [DC the Don]

Every day I listen to a bunch of up-and-comers that the general population might be oblivious to, so when someone asks me for recommendations of who’s hot that they need to check out, I could list off probably hundreds of different artists. Two of my very favorite recommendations are Dro Kenji and DC the Don, though, and while I can go into a variety of reasons why they are at the very top, you should understand my thought process after checking out any one of their records.

Although they both have unique styles and distinctive characteristics, I feel like they’re cut from a similar cloth and carry a comparable dark, pensive, and shadowy aesthetic as well as intoxicating energy, regardless of the song you’re listening to. It’s weird to consider them up-and-comers after witnessing all of the success they’ve achieved at such young ages, but it’s a matter of time before the mainstream spotlight is on both of them, and it’s a moment that I am beyond eager for.

I usually have a tough time selecting favorite songs on any of their projects, but when Dro dropped his EP LOST IN HERE a few days ago, the song that stood out above the rest was his Census, Banrisk, Dynox, Spock, Morgn, and Taz Taylor-produced cut “SO WHAT” which featured DC as well. Both emcees bring so much to the table, not wasting a moment to show off their multitalented range or innumerable styles both in the hook and in each verse, so I was extremely excited to peep the song’s Liam Walsh-directed music video. Although it is kind of what I was expecting prior to watching, that doesn’t mean it was anything less than unbelievable.

Throughout every shot, there is an ominous vibe that is leveled up by the dark scenery and hits of red coloring that pop in and out in the blink of an eye, contributing to the powerful artistry of the song. Dro Kenji and DC the Don are certified stars with the world in the palms of their hands, so while I love this track and the video that accompanies it, I am just genuinely enthusiastic to get to witness their rise to fame first-hand as they continue to blow up.