So Thankful – [Trippie Redd]

In the current day and age of hip-hop music, there are so many copycats and replicas of artists who created a new sound, and because some of these artists aren’t as creative as the pioneers, they have to cling onto a style that works, and I just feel like it takes away from the original idea that was brought to life in the first place. The same goes for videographers from what I’ve seen because as soon as a director pushes the limit and brings something new to the table, everyone just wants to copy their ideas and try to play it off as their own.

Going back to artists, Trippie Redd is an emcee who brought something totally new and unique to the party once he broke into the industry years and years ago, and ever since, his influence can be heard amongst so many different individuals throughout the music scene. This is a similar situation as DotComNirvan, a videographer who incorporated an entirely inimitable way of shooting visuals that caught on like wildfire, and now so many other young directors take these things and try to make them their own.

While No one is ever going to do it like these two, they also have their pulse on the underground, working with some of the most prominent and notable up-and-comers in the entire landscape of music. When they teamed up to shoot a video for Trippie’s song “So Thankful”. The results were just organic and natural, so it became something I knew I had to write about as soon as I had the chance.

Keeping scenes clean and super high quality, this was basically the extent of the simplicity considering all of the wild patterns in the background, the interesting outfits that Trippie wears, and the multitude of effects that went into this one to truly make it a smash hit. DotComNirvan is anything but typical, which makes his music video for Trippie Redd’s hit record “So Thankful” a seamless and perfect addition to the addicting track without a doubt.