So Help Me God II-[Kaleb Mitchell]

Kaleb Mitchell is special and there’s honestly no other way that I can state that fact. Ever since since stumbling on his music, I quickly became a devoted fan as artists like him don’t come around too often. With Kaleb, there are no gimmicks or games being played when it comes to his music. He makes sure that the main thing is the main thing and he’s stayed true to that for as long as I’ve been familiar with him. He’s not one to grace the spotlight, but instead, he lets his art speak for himself and that’s all that’s needed. After a strong 2 years of releasing music, Kaleb makes it back on to our page for the drop of his brand new album, So Help Me God II.

Truthfully, I was not prepared for Kaleb to give us the gift that he supplies us with today. The 13 song project is a triumph for not only Kaleb, but for all of his fans who have spent the last couple of years supporting the stellar talent. Each song has a different feel and vibe, but they all go hand in hand to create a full piece that is nothing short of genius. The production on each offering connects on all cylinders which allows Kaleb to pour his heart and soul out onto the verses. Every feature and producer who makes an appearance on this project should be extremely proud of themselves as they played a major role in bringing Kaleb’s vision all the way to life.

One of my favorite songs on the album is “Numb”. What starts off as a hard hitting beat slowly evolves into a heart wrenching ballad that will make you feel every thing. This is a perfect encapsulation of the dynamic skill level that Kaleb possesses. I really really enjoyed this offering and I know ya’ll will as well. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so make sure you stream So Help Me God II and show Kaleb some love!