So Good – [JayaireWoods]

Woodside representative, JayaireWoods, has shockingly been making major noise this past summer. Since the release of his very first song, Jayaire has caught the eye of several big name blogs and has sent Twitter up at least twice with his releases. Here we have an exclusive Lyrical Lemonade Radio premier from Jayaire. On this familiar track from the early 2000’s, Jayaire offers a melodic flow and impeccable wordplay. What makes Jayaire special is that it he is very easy to relate to. When listening to his music you may crack a smile and remember when you may have had similar experiences. “Smoking good times for the bad days. Hated Good Time ’cause they only ever saw bad days,” Jay flows with effortless delivery on the short lived track. This is one of those songs you’ll want to have a on repeat, with it being perfectly short. Check out JayaireWoods’ new sounds and be on the lookout for more Lyrical Lemonade Radio exclusives.