So Bad EP-[Colby Lafayette]

You all have seen my write about Boston Native, Colby Lafayette before and today all of the kind words and in depth song reviews have brought us to the release of his brand new EP called, “So Bad”. Ever since stumbling on him earlier this year, I’ve been very eager to see the trajectory of his career and nothing makes me happier than getting some more music from the now LA residing talent.

The 6 song EP is nothing other than Colby Lafayette in his truest form. For most artists, the bad boy persona can be an easy look to try and assume, but with Colby it is 100% authentic as he is the closest thing this generation has to a pure rockstar. When you listen to his music, it is impossible for your attitude to not change. From the hard-hitting production all the way to Colby’s gritty yet melodic vocal talents, every base is covered. 

One of my favorite songs on this EP is an offering called, “YKWII”. The very second I heard it, I knew that it would be at the top of my playlist favorites for the rest of the week as there’s no denying the catchy nature and genius that was put into it. Every single song stands on its own which makes this collection of music such a triumph for him. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give this EP a listen and let us know what you think!