Snubnose – [do not resurrect] & [Ak3k]

Music is so important in my life, which might be obvious, but it really plays a huge factor in my mood and how I feel. Depending on what side of the bed I wake up on, I have a desire to listen to different types of music, but if you’re a friend of mine, you know that I definitely have an affinity for the darker, more hardcore style of music, especially as the seasons begin to change. While $uicideboy$, Ghostemane, Night Lovell, and others might be some bigger names on my radar, there are other artists who seriously deserve much more clout than they get, and I won’t stop talking about them until they receive the amount of recognition they truly deserve.

do not resurrect is an artist I’ve covered copiously in the past, and while I feel like he was relatively quiet for a brief moment in time, I was beyond excited to find out that he was back and better than ever on his latest song “Snubnose” with Ak3k. Ak might be someone I wasn’t aware of previously, but after hearing these two side by side on this record, I certainly hope it won’t be the last time they team up.

The beat is very sinister, ominous, and haunting, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who is familiar with DNR, but the way that he is able to constantly switch things up and keep things fresh is nothing short of incredible. Ak comes in to begin with, though, almost whispering his lyrics with an aggressive yet truthful tone, and as he rotates through his bars that get more and more impressive as they progress, it’s not a surprise to say that anyone who isn’t on his side should be on edge.

When we arrive at DNR’s part, he continues with a very similar style, yet his voice is just a few octaves lower than his counterpart, adding even more menacing, demonic qualities into this all-out banger. DNR doesn’t miss, as I’ve mentioned before, and hearing him and Ak3k come together on “Snubnose” to make it a hit gets me even more excited for the promising future of these two underground phenoms.