Snowcone – [Rei Ami]

Rei Ami was born in Seoul, South Korea and ended up moving to Maryland at six years old. The first comparison I drew when listening to Rei’s work is to the pop megastar Billie Eilish. Ironically recently Billie gave a Rei Ami a follow on Instagram so it’s safe to say that Rei is on Billie’s radar. Rei recently dropped the music video for her newest single entitled “Snowcone.” The overall aesthetic of the video is really enticing, it feels like more of a homemade movie than a music video. That’s not a bad thing though, I believe it’s on par with Rei’s brand and music so there’s definitely some consistency with her artistry. Out of the two records she’s released there have been some amazing beat switch-ups in the middle of the songs. With “Snowcones” the track starts off as a fast-paced banger with heavy 808s, as you near the 1:30 mark it changes up the tone of the song. Buttery smooth acoustic guitar riffs penetrate your ears as Rei’s angelic voice carries you throughout the remainder of the song.

Hop on the wave early and watch Rei Ami’s music video for “Snowcone” below.