Snow on tha Bluff – [J. Cole]

Through trying times, music has been known to be a healer for many individuals out there. No matter the circumstances, there is a song out there that perfectly aligns with each and every situation that someone can be going through. As we all know, the current state of the world is all over the place. On top of the COVID pandemic, we are now fighting for Black Lives, as well as June being Pride month. If there’s anybody that we all needed to hear from in times like this , it would be J. Cole. As his discography shows, he has always been a prominent voice when speaking on behalf of black lives, political issues, police brutality, the list goes on and on. His music always speaks to all of the souls who may have experienced any of the issues of America–that is why he is held to such a higher standard when it comes to speaking out about these sorts of life issues. On a random Tuesday evening, J. Cole blessed us all with a surprise release of a new single “Snow on tha Bluff”.

Starting off with the cover art, it shows a screenshot from the Notes app on iPhone of the beginning lyrics of the song. The date at the top reads June 4th, 2020–which shows that this song was made within the past couple of weeks amidst the George Floyd killing and protests. To add, Cole was actually seen protesting in his hometown in North Carolina, alluding that this song was written after his experience out there on the front lines and after days of retaining and processing all of the information out on the net regarding what’s going on right now. In the song he addresses a flurry of topics aligned with social injustice, as well as giving a little bit of insight as to how we as a culture can move forward from where we are now into a better future for all.

For those who may not be familiar, Snow on the Bluff is the name of a film released back in 2011 which followed Curtis Snow–a drug dealer from Atlanta who steals a camera from some kids during a drug sale. He then proceeds to take that said camera and film each and every thing that went on in his life while he maneuvered the streets of Atlanta. While many believed this film was as real as can be, there were rumors that the film was not real at all, and everyone involved in the autobiography-esque film were in fact, paid actors. In the songs ending lines, Cole raps; “But damn, why I feel faker than Snow on tha Bluff? Well maybe cause deep down I know I ain’t doing enough”. This is the line that ties everything in together.

J. Cole has always been known for dropping surprise singles, even if they do not directly align with any upcoming projects he may be working on. While the world may be in shambles right now, Cole has faith in humanity as always, and he drops an amazing record that expresses a mere glimpse of how he is feeling right now at this moment, and we will surely hear more from him in the weeks to come.

Stream “Snow on tha Bluff” below!