Smuckers – [Tyler the Creator] feat. [Kanye West] & [Lil Wayne]


Last week we saw the release of Tyler the Creator‘s latest album, Cherry Bomb. The release was the highly anticipated follow up project to his breakout record, Wolf, which was released little over 2 years ago. A universal favorite from the record seems to be Smuckers¬†. The production on the track, handled by Tyler himself, is a musical masterpiece. It gives you a feeling of grandeur while simultaneously easily being a headbanger; reminiscent of Kanye of ye old times. We’re talking College Dropout Ye. Surprisingly Tyler was able to bring that out Kanye. He spits an unapologetic verse filled with self love, not a drop of self doubt in sight. “I want to turn the tanks to playgrounds. I dreamt of Tupac, he asked me, “Are you still down?” Kanye expresses that he is misunderstood but his heart is in the right place. He wants to change the world, in his own way, for the next generation just as the hip hop greats did, before him. Vintage Ye at its finest. After Kanye finishes, the beat changes drastically. Though the track keeps its grandeur feeling, it becomes a but more funky. Tyler comes in hard and the transition is seamless. As soon as you think Tyler is about to rip it, Lil Wayne chimes in just as smooth. Wayne proves that he is still among the greats of rap. The best part of the entire song, is that it feels like a true collaboration. Tyler holds his own against rap legends, while also bringing out the best of each artist. Check out the track above.