The name Dave Coresh may be a new one to some of you rap fans but some might remember Dave’s name as it floated through the hip hop ether a few years back. Through tireless dedication and an obvious evolution in his artistry, Dave Coresh returns with his first body of work in a few years, SMOKENMIRRORS. The newly shared six-song EP is an electrically charged, lyrical clinic surrounded by rabid beats and an unmistakable metal mentality. 

Dave Coresh spares no feelings on the EP’s opener, “Nobody Cares,” dealing rhymes out with total offense and a smug tone while electric guitar chords crash and collide like bolts of lightning around him. The project carries along with reckless intent with the equally combative follow-up “TALK2ME,” featuring Mother Wata. The EP’s second track mimics the energy of the project’s opener and builds on it by throwing all caution to the wind. The production is wild and unpredictable and the lyricism, naturally, follows suit as both Coresh and Mother Wata yell, “shut the fuck up when you talk to me!” With no hesitation, SMOKENMIRRORS dives head first into the project’s next song, “pymfb.” The EPs third track continues its noise dive mentality into mania as Coresh delivers a stand-alone verse amongst the accelerating circus of production that acts as the song’s afterburner, barreling you directly into “Idgfn.” Dave takes the reign on the EPs fourth song, rapping with conviction and an air of confidence that adds extra weight to lines like, “feeling to make a killing I’m in the building asbestos.” The project rounds a corner with “Dumbluck,” taking a more punk rock approach to the production as Coresh serenades listers with a malevolent tone, rapping lines like, “pocket full of problems, do you want one?” with a laid-back attitude. SMOKENMIRRORS comes to a close with “Check My Check,” a riotous return to the high-octane Coresh that dominated the majority of the project with reckless rap delivery alongside a surging chaotic orchestration of production that sounds like it was created by Frankenstein himself. Not many projects stand the test of their runtime, but Dave Coresh’s SMOKENMIRRORS EP surpasses those pitfalls with defiant ease and incredible showmanship. 

Listen to the SMOKENMIRRORS EP from Dave Coresh below.