Smoke and Mirrors – [A-Cross] ft. [Noelz Vedere] & [Lee Woods]


Wednesday afternoon, A-Cross released some crisp and calming visuals for his truth-telling track “Smoke and Mirrors.” He doesn’t hesitate to ask transcendental questions; dealing with government conspiracy, down to the workings of God’s plan. A-Cross sends a formal yet nonchalant middle finger to the questionably real designer belts, shoulder-length dreads and the molly-water feigns. Mercifully warning us that this lifestyle is merely facade, A-Cross strolls through the muddy Chicago snow showing off the true grit of his city. With a sound and rap technique the Chi isn’t used to, A-Cross demands an attentive audience at all times. The MC rocked the house when he performed this same joint, solo last month at Lyrical Lemonade’s #WelcomeTheNew showcase. Now we see the final product featuring fellow hip-hop artist, Noelz Vedere jump in with a bold, unexpected flow just 30 seconds left in the video in addition Lee Wood’s dreamy voice on the vocals. It’s not hard to see “Smoke and Mirrors” is a much thought out and wonderfully constructed project.

Directed by Elevator