Chattanooga, TN is undoubtedly one of the most slept-on rap cities in all of America, with notable contributions from people like Isaiah Rashad, YGTUT, and the rest of TheHouse, but over the past few years more and more artists have made themselves known in additional niches that were less on the soulful, boom-bappy tip that the aforementioned artists developed and popularized. Chattanooga’s underground scene can be traced back to the “Uzi Boys” if I remember correctly, starting out with Swerzie and co rocking diy-house shows and created the punk/rap hybrid scene that coexisted in support as well as their actual sound. KEADREAN can be credited with a lot of this raucous sound’s inception and is now beginning to transition from not only being one of the most innovative and unique producers in a world where they are beginning to seem like a dime-a-dozen, but is also making great strides with his solo artistry, most recently with his song and visual for “SMELLLLLLLLLL,” which is a melodic and dreamy tune over a moody and futuristic plugnb instrumental which Keadrean croons over as the autotune takes his vocals and stretches them to the heavens. I love this song and video and both put me in one of those sedated yet sanguine moods that seem to go hang in hand with this particular style. I am really excited to see what else KEADREAN has up his sleeve and I am looking forward to hearing him further experiment and innovate with his solo music.