Slugger – [Kevin Abstract] ft. [$NOT] & [slowthai]

Kevin Abstract is an artist that I truly don’t think gets the amount of credit he deserves, but that doesn’t slow him down even slightly. The BROCKHAMPTON frontman has been making waves both whit his massively successful group as well as individually, so I couldn’t be more excited to see him succeed, especially with all of the beyond unique and inventive styles of music he has been bringing to life over the last handful of years.

While he’s no stranger to working with a variety of artists you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see him in the studio alongside, he continued this streak late last week with the release of his single “Slugger” which features two of my current favorite artists $NOT and slowthai. An unlikely bunch, yet a group that always kills every verse, so the fact that this one was no exception is just another reason why Kevin is undefeated thus far. Opening up with an instrumental created by Kevin, Al Hung, and fellow BROCKHAMPTON star Romil Hemnani, we hear a very unique and uncharacteristic beat full of inventive sounds, a mischievous chorus, and a very tempo-setting drumline that is just chaotic enough to catch your attention without being too wild for Kevin to get a little expressive on his own as well.

As Kevin makes his way throughout the first verse, he swings his voice constantly as he just teases the production, having fun with his vocals and showing just how dexterous he truly is. This fun continues into the hook, but he includes a couple of vocal layers as well as a few more sung notes that he stretches out in order to add a bit of catchiness to the remarkable record. Next up is $NOT’s verse where he brings things a bit back down to Earth with his straightforward delivery that is accented by a few new and interesting cadences as well as a couple of sung lines that show off his complexity as well.

Finally, after a bit of a bridge, slowthai comes in to bring things back out of this earth and into another galaxy. He does so with a variety of vigorous lines and witty wordplays that show off his very vibrant personality once again before the beat changes up one last time in order to bring us out of the record once and for all. While I could go on for days about how impressed I was with how this song came together with so many varying personalities, I just need you to listen and see it for yourself. With that being said, make sure you don’t miss out on Kevin Abstract’s latest single entitled “Slugger” featuring $NOT and slowthai.