Slow Rush – [Shiv]

20-year-old Philadelphia artist, Shiv, returns and closes out the summer with his new single, “Slow Rush.” “Slow Rush” is a little more lighthearted than Shiv’s usual releases, but it still packs a strong punch vocally and lyrically. This single brandishes an up-tempo, smooth beat that has a 90s pop flair to it, reminiscent of a Justin Timberlake record. But, the record adds a wavy, modern touch that gives a unique and euphonious sound. The song also borrows elements from various genres such as R&B and hip-hop. Shiv can paint a picture of wooing a love interest who values materialism more than love. “This record is about trying to impress a beautiful, but materialistic woman.” Shiv continues, “The message is that a rich guy won’t solve her problems, so she should get with me who will solve her problems…kind of.” Shiv utilizes his crisp, distinctive vocals to belt out this message.“Slow Rush” is only Shiv’s fourth release, and he is already demonstrating that he is a force to be reckoned with as an upcoming artist.

Stream Shiv’s “Slow Rush” for yourself after the break.