Slow – [Dezmond Dane & Mayzin]

R&B singer Dezmond Dane connects with rapper Mayzin as they team up to bring down the tempo on a new single in “Slow.” This will be the first single off of an EP that Dezmond releasing in late July entitled “The Album in Blue.” The project will be focused on the feeling of love and sadness and how these two emotions can coexist. Sometimes songs come in pairs on a project, for each love song, there’s a melancholy song associated with it. The narrative on “Slow” is about loving the partner you’re with while taking the time to love and appreciate every aspect of them. Regardless of how long that may take, this truly shows how in love they are with that person. This is a great sample for the forthcoming album that’s coming in June. Dezmond could turn out to be one of the surprising r&b acts to break out in 2019!

Stream Dezmond Dane and Mayzin’s new single “Slow” below.