Slow Deal – [Julian Skiboat]

San Antonio singer/songwriter Julian Skiboat releases a smooth mellow demo entitled “Slow Deal.” Most demos or reference tracks are unfinished and stripped-down ideas by artists. This is what makes “Slow Deal” so impressive, the fact that the song sounds exceptional as is. As a fan of Mac Demarco, the minimalistic style of his lush guitar riffs and lyrics is what stands out in Julian’s music. This has been a reoccurring theme in the recent demos Skiboat has dropped on his Soundcloud. Tracks such as “Coffee” and “You Know You” give off the same blissful laidback energy you receive on “Slow Deal.” It should be interesting to see what Julian decides to do with these demos moving forward. With most of his demos trending upward will he go back and revamp them for some sort of EP? Or are these just loosies he had in the vault and there’s new potential project material on the way.

Only time can tell, stream Julian Skiboat’s new single “Slow Deal” below.