Slimesito checks all the boxes with “Vice Versa/LLK.”

It’s been a minute since Slimesito graced the Lyrical Lemonade site, and I couldn’t be happier to run it back with a masterpiece of a new release in his N:OW Productions directed visual for “Vice Versa/LLK.” Immediately, I noticed his delivery, a style that — especially in this track —  perfectly complements his sound. Effortlessly, Slimesito floats through the track with aggression, doing so with such conviction that I had to rewind a handful of lines multiple times. The industry veteran is known for his heavy-hitting tempo and delivery, both of which have cemented him a loyal following. Those traits are on full display in this joint, and it’s one that immediately will hit my rotation.

As if this heater of a song isn’t enough, N:OW Productions nearly perfected the visual. The effects, props, and post-production are all phenomenal, but most impressive to me lies in the diversity of shot selection, and knowing exactly when to use each one. Extreme close-ups, pans, tilts, and multiple other cinematic shots fill the visual from start to finish, with each one falling cohesively into place with the others. This felt more like real cinema to me rather than just an accompanying music video. Beautiful camera quality, expert lighting, an exotic snake, and scene setting/selection all put the cherry on top of this beautiful artwork.

I’m hyped to hear what comes next from Slimesito, and if this track was any indicator, I’ll be one of the first to listen to whatever follows. It’s apparent his listeners are excited too, as the video already amassed 16K views in less than a week. Y’all got to check this one out.

Peep “Vice Versa/LLK” by Slimesito on YouTube below!