Sleepy Hallow Shares New Single “Good Girls Ain’t No Fun”

Winners Circle Entertainment’s superstar, Sleepy Hallow, has done it again with his latest release, “Good Girls Ain’t No Fun.” This mesmerizing single, presented by Winners Circle Entertainment/RCA Records and produced by the talented GREAT JOHN, showcases Sleepy Hallow’s undeniable artistry and unique storytelling abilities. With dreamy lyrics and an irresistible melody, the track effortlessly pulls listeners into a world of desire and luxury.

The Brooklyn rapper smooth vocals serve as the perfect vehicle to express his vision of the ideal woman and the lavish life he wishes to share with her. As he paints a vivid picture of his dream girl, listeners can’t help but be enchanted by the mesmerizing allure of “Good Girls Ain’t No Fun.” The song’s evocative narrative weaves an enthralling tale, leaving us craving more with each verse.

Accompanying the single is a visually stunning music video, directed by the visionary Nimi Hendrix. The video complements the song’s allure with captivating visuals, taking viewers on a cinematic journey through Sleepy Hallow’s world. It’s an immersive experience that further enhances the song’s magic and resonates long after the music ends.

Earlier this year, Sleepy Hallow shared the soul-baring single “Pain Talk,” featuring Lil Tjay. The track delves into their struggles with pain and anxiety, showcasing the depth of emotion and honesty that Sleepy Hallow is known for. This willingness to open up and express vulnerability is what endears him to fans worldwide.

Notably, Sleepy Hallow’s previous hit, “Die Young,” featuring 347AIDAN, became an RIAA CERTIFIED GOLD success within a remarkable 155 days of release. With over 248 million streams worldwide, the song’s introspective lyrics shed light on the challenges faced by young individuals grappling with mental health issues. Sleepy’s ability to connect on a personal level and deliver messages with impact makes him a true force in the music industry.

“Good Girls Ain’t No Fun,” is now available on all streaming platforms.